Public Protector South Africa welcomes implementation of remedial action by Knysna Local Municipality

The Public Protector South Africa (PPSA) welcomes the implementation of the remedial action in our Report No. 83 of 2021/2022 by the Knysna Local

Municipality in the Western Cape.


On Monday, 28 November 2022, the PPSA joined the Bosman family to witness the handing over of an RDP house to the family, by the local



The handover follows an intervention by the office in 2020, after the son of Ms. Bosman, approached the office decrying that his mother had applied for

an RDP house since 1996 in vain, despite their neighbours being furnished with new houses over the years.


The investigation found that the municipality had unduly delayed in issuing ahouse to the Bosman family which until now, had been living in a dilapidated shack.


It is our hope that the action taken by the Knysna Local Municipality will serve as motivation to other organs of state that are often slow to implement

the remedial action prescribed by the PPSA and this will ensure that the work of this constitutional institution remains impactful for the people of South Africa.


The handing over of this house is one of many successful interventions by the PPSA where citizens have placed their trust in the institution to resolve

their complaints.



Published Date: 
Tuesday, November 29, 2022