Public Protector meets with Premier Zille and complainants

Public Protector Adv Thuli Madonsela today met with Western Cape Premier Hellen Zille and her team, and all four complainants in the Western Cape communication tender investigation. This follows the leaking and publishing of the Public Protector’s provisional report on the said investigation at the weekend. The meetings with the respondent and complainants were held separately.
Complainants in the matter are the ANC, COSATU, civil society organization Ndifuna Ukwazi and Mr Sulyman Stellenboom, a general member of the public. At the meeting, the ANC was represented by Mr Songezo Mjongile and lawyer Mr Duncan Korabie while COSATU was represented by Mr Tony Ehrenreich. Mr Stellenboom, representing himself and Mr Gregory Solik from Ndifuna Ukwazi were also present.
The meetings, whose purpose was to listen to the parties and hear their views on the provisional report, were helpful, constructive and fruitful for the Public Protector. All parties contested certain aspects of the provisional observations and offered reasons for different formulations.
The Premier’s office made oral representations in support of the written representations they submitted on 14 May 2012. The other parties indicated that they will submit by 18 May 2012.
It was agreed that the Public Protector will consider all the submissions before making the findings. The Public Protector, Premier, ANC and COSATU all condemned the leaking of the report confirming that the Public Protector has always said this undermines the investigation and justice. It also unfairly prejudices parties against whom provisional adverse observations are made.
The Public Protector requested the parties not to engage on the merits of the case until it is concluded and she appeals to the public and the media to do the same. To the media, she reiterates the request not to publish stolen information as this is neither in the public interest nor justice.
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Kgalalelo Masibi
Spokesperson for the Public Protector
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Published Date: 
Thursday, May 17, 2012