Our principles and values


  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Responsiveness
  • Justice
  • Good governance


Ubuntu – We respect the constitutionally protected dignity of all those we interact with as we deliver services and manage our affairs and service professionally with humanity, empathy, compassion, understanding and respect for every person’s human rights.
Impartiality – We will male our decisions based on objective criteria rather than on the basis of bias or prejudice.
Transparency – We strive to be open in the manner in which we conduct our investigations and deal with our customers.
Efficiency and professionalism – We will deal with our customers and stakeholders with a high level of professionalism, skill, good judgment while ensuring speed and responsiveness in the delivery our services.
Redress – We strive to place those that have been wronged as close as possible where they would have been had the state acted properly in the first instance