Good Governance ends, with delegates calling for ethical governance to ensure responsive service delivery

The two-day high level conference on Good Governance came to an end on Tuesday, with delegates affirming the importance of ethical governance in ensuring a responsive service delivery. 

The conference, which was described as highly successful by some of the delegates, was the first of a series of activities forming part of this year’s National Good Governance Week.

Closing the conference, Chairperson of the Public Service Commission, Ben Mthembu, emphasised that ethical governance entailed a public administration that was based on principles and values embodied by the Constitution of the country.

“We therefore need to ensure that ethical behaviour is fostered, failing which this kind of behaviour must be enforced through the rule of law,” he said, adding that it was only through ethical governance that an effective and responsive service delivery could be realised.

Among the key resolutions taken, a full set of which will be released on Friday, it was agreed that the draft Good Governance Charter, which is as result last year conference resolutions be endorsed and that it be widely canvassed to get input and buy-in of the nation. A copy of the charter is attached.

Delegates also agreed that the Public Service Commission should coordinate government participation in the Good Governance Forum, which refers to the delegates who have been taking part in the conference since 2010.

Delegates also resolved that the Forum plays a part in ensuring that there is a discourse on the separation of powers. They called for ethical governance not to be restricted to state affairs but stretch to business, civil society and the institution of the family. They called for a more coordinated approach on the work of oversight bodies.

Among other activities that will characterise the focus week include a public lecture at Unisa on Tuesday night and workshops at institutions of higher learning across the country; nationwide unannounced visits at identified public service delivery points; visits to schools; interactions with rural communities and outreach visits to shopping centres.

The National Good Governance Week aims to raise awareness regarding the need for a collective consciousness of good governance; understanding of importance of good governance in ensuring responsive service delivery; and understanding the importance of ethical leadership in ensuring good governance and integrity in state affairs among other things.

The campaign, which is the brainchild of the Public Protector and on its third year, has been escalated to a national event in partnership with other oversight bodies, civil society bodies and organs of state. It also seeks to strengthen synergies in the bid to foster governance and enhance the work of oversight bodies therein.

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Published Date: 
Tuesday, October 16, 2012