edia Statement subsequent to a meeting between the Public Protector and the Communications Workers Union (CWU) on 25 July 2012

The Investigation Team of the Public Protector South Africa led by its Chief Executive Office, Mr TP Mthethwa, met on 25 July 2012 with the representatives of the Communication Workers Union to discuss and provide a status report on the investigation into allegations of maladministration at the South African Post Office. CWU was represented by Messer’s Matankana Mothapo, National Spokesperson and Thabo Mogalane, the Deputy General Secretary.
During the meeting, representatives of the Public Protector or the investigation Team explained the investigation process to CWU covering the period when the investigation was initially lodged to date. It was however noted that there had been a communication breakdown pertaining to a request for meeting forwarded by CWU to the PPSA in which a meeting was requested to take place on 13 July 2012. The failure of the meeting was attributed to the fact that the investigator concerned was on leave when the request was transmitted and was only able to retrieve same on 16 July 2012, upon his return.
Noting that the investigation is at its final stage, the meeting resolved that the Public Protector South Africa be afforded an opportunity to conclude its investigation. The PPSA undertook to communicate its findings to the complainant upon completion of the investigation on or about September 2012. However monthly reports would still be conveyed to complainant should the investigation drag beyond the aforesaid time line.
Kgalalelo Masibi, Public Protector Spokesperson
Matankana Mothapo, CWU National Spokesperson
Published Date: 
Friday, July 27, 2012