AUC and AOMA adopt Joint Operational Implementation Framework

The African Union Commission (AUC) and the African Ombudsman and Mediators Association (AOMA) have achieved another milestone in pursuit of their partnership in the pursuit of good governance in Africa.
This was the view of the Executive Secretary of AOMA and the Public Protector of the Republic of South Africa Adv. Thuli Madonsela, at the conclusion of a coordinating meeting on the implementation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the AUC and AOMA on Friday 22, July 2012, in Luanda Angola.
The coordination meeting concluded with a draft Joint Operational implementation Framework for the MOU, which regulates the relationship between the Commission and the continental Ombudsman and Mediators body. 
The coordination meeting which was attended by high level delegations from the Commission and AOMA follows on the accreditation of AOMA as an observer body with a permanent representative in the AU.
The Joint Operational Implementation Framework covers seven strategic objectives, namely
  • The establishment and strengthening of Ombudsman Institutions in all member states of the African Union;
  • The popularisation of the African Union Shared Values Legal Instruments within the AU member states and the public;
  • The ratification of the AU Shared Values Legal Instruments;
  • The domestication and implementation of the AU Shared Values Legal Instruments;
  • Monitoring the implementation of the AU Shared Values Legal Instruments including through the Peer Review Mechanism at the level of the African Governance Platform;
  • The creation of synergy between the African Ombudsman and Mediators Association and other African Institutions; and
  • Efficient management of the cooperation between the two parties
  • Among the specific provisions of the Joint implementation Framework, is a commitment regarding the recognition of AOMA as a Pan African institution dedicated to the promotion of good governance.
The agreement envisages AOMA playing a role in the dissemination and entrenchment of AU shared values, particularly those dealing with governance in Africa. AOMA and its technical engine, the African Ombudsman Research Centre (AORC) based in Durban, South Africa, are also set to play a meaningful role in peace and stability initiatives in the continent, including conflict resolution and election monitoring.
A central provision of the Joint Operational Implementation Framework is the entrenchment and enhancement of the Ombudsman institution as a central pillar of good governance in Africa. Both parties expressed a belief in a positive relationship between good governance and the pursuit of peace and development in the African continent.
“Good governance is a key factor for the establishment of peace democracy and development in the African continent,” the Public Protector said.
The Public Protector further said they (AOMA) are particularly pleased that the Commissioner for Political Affairs has welcomed a proposal that the AU gives favourable consideration to include a requirement that all member states should have a credible Ombudsman or Public Protector as part of the AU’s shared values.
The implementation of the framework kicks in immediately.
This communiqué was approved by the AU and AOMA
For more information, contact:
Oupa Segalwe
Manager: Outreach, Education and Communications
Public Protector South Africa (AOMA Secretariat) 
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Published Date: 
Saturday, June 23, 2012